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Soonvibes & Groover: help artists get their music heard

Groover teamed up with Soonvibes to offer their services to Soonvibes’ former users. We will help Soonvibes artists promote their music to the curators and music professionals available on Groover, get listened to and feedback guaranteed

Groover connects artists with music curators and professionals

  • 1,000 blogs, radios, playlist curators, labels, pros available including more than 300 in the electronic music scene
  • More than 500,000 feedback received by the artists, more than 100,000 concrete opportunities and already 200 signatures with record labels, publishers, managers, bookers
  • The leading platform for connecting artists with music curators & pros in France, Europe & Canada
SLVN DJ at Groover Showcase #3 on the roofs of Paris
Myoon signed with record label Inside Records / Electro Posé after contacting them on Groover

Serving electronic music artists since 2018

  • Already dozens of success stories, such as Myoon who landed a record deal with Inside Records / Electro Posé after sending his track through Groover, VOG getting into an official TikTok playlist or the duet Bei-Jing who signed in publishing with The Gum Club
  • The Groover Showcases in Paris have often featured DJs and electronic musicians such as SLVN, Bolivard, Tastycool, Mokado and will keep on doing so
  • In 2020, we teamed up with the Château Éphémère to co-organize their call for applicants dedicated to electronic music. 10 artists were selected for a live residence and a special support program by Groover
  • With Soonvibes, we want to allow musicians of the electronic scene and all the other music genres to develop their visibility and network
Myoon signed with record label Inside Records / Electro Posé after contacting them on Groover

How to send your music on Groover

  1. Add your track
  2. Select all the curators, radios and music professionals of your choice
  3. Personalize your submissions
  4. Send your track to your selection
  5. Get valuable feedback guaranteed and concrete opportunities!